Service Rig Work

A significant proportion of our business is specializing in service rig work. Due to the fact that we have many trucks already working throughout Central-North-Eastern Alberta, we are able to dispatch our units to service rig locations at any time.

Combined with the advantage of having all our trucks monitored with GPS, our dispatchers are able to respond to rig calls in a very efficient manner.

All drivers of W-K Trucking Inc. receive hands-on training from experienced supervisors, and we guarantee that no “green” drivers tend to service rigs until all necessary training has been completed.

We empty and fill rig tanks, are on location for swabbing into and are often called upon to transfer fluid on-location. We are experienced in assisting with pigging pipelines, flaring wells and all other miscellaneous suckback jobs.

W-K Trucking Inc. also has their own fresh water facility that services the rigs with fresh hot water during the winter months. We also understand the necessity of having clean, uncontaminated water; whether it is for boilers, cement jobs or chemical squeezes. We have some units that are designated to haul only clean fresh water.

The oilfield industry is serious business.

One of our owners is accessible to all our clients to solve issues or make improvements as they are required.