We accept resumes for Class 3 and Class 1 drivers all year long. Preference is given to those who live within 45 minutes of our shop. Our hours of work are too long to consider anyone planning to commute from towns or cities longer than 45 minutes.

W-K Trucking Inc. is accepting applications to hire foreign workers to fill the professional driver shortage here in Alberta. We already employ a team of foreign workers from different nationalities (Romanian, Bosnian, Serbian, Filipino, etc.)  Some have come to Canada using a 3rd Party Representative who assisted them with obtaining a work visa. You may use a 3rd party representative if you wish but we are prepared to help you get your work visa at no cost to you. This will save you money and will allow you to bring this money to Canada to get yourself established instead of paying a representative.

We believe there may be people all over the world who would be very good workers but may not have the money to pay someone to find them work in Canada.  Please take the time to read the information in this area and ask any questions that you may have.

As well, all candidates must be able to show the last four years of professional driving experience.  Preference is given to those individuals who have hauled dangerous goods such as Petrol or ammonia.


W-K Trucking Inc. will not accept any employment applications from foreign candidates.

The oilfield industry is serious business.

One of our owners is accessible to all our clients to solve issues or make improvements as they are required.