Preparing to Come to Canada

How Much Money Should You Have to Bring When You Come To Canada?


  • Because you will spend the first 4-5 weeks when you arrive in Canada getting your professional license, you should prepare to earn no money for at least 5 weeks.
  • When you arrive in Canada, you will need to take your Alberta license tests.  You must study for the first test while you are still in your home country so that you can begin obtaining your license immediately after your arrival in Canada.  The study books will be sent to you.  The time period to get all your licenses and get ready for work is approximately 4-5 weeks.
  • Class 7 license $20.00 each time you write the test(some require 2-3 writes of Class 7)
  • Class 5 Advanced Road Test $120 each time you take the test
  • Class 3 written test $30 each time you write the test
  • Class 3 Road Test $200 each time you attempt a road test (more if a private examiner is required)
  • Air Brakes $110(one day course)
  • You will be paid while you are training however you are not able to begin training until you acquire your Alberta professional drivers license.

SUMMARY OF REQUIREMENTS (in Canadian dollars)

  • Money for license $500- $700 (approximate)
  • Work Boots $200
  • Rent for 1 month $700
  • Food $600 for 2 months
  • Emergency money $500
  • Money to rent car from the company $450 (registration and insurance for the car)

TOTAL = $3150 CAN

Visit our Resources page for more important documentation, such as the manual for the Air Brake Course.

If your plan is to relocate your family to Canada, you must understand that you will have to work in Canada at least 1 year before the company will assist you in sponsoring your family.  If your family is not prepared to have you live away for 1 year, please do not even start the process.  It takes time to learn your job, earn and save money to be able to find your own place to rent for you and your family to live.  We have sponsored the families of all our current foreign workers and we do not charge you any money to complete the documents. However, we just will not consider it before the 1 year of employment. Usually at the 1 year mark, we know if W-K Trucking Inc. has the intention of nominating the worker under the AINP program.

AINP Program

Formerly known as the PNP Program (Provincial Nominee Program), the AINP Program (Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program) is an EMPLOYER DRIVEN program that allows an approved company, such as W-K Trucking Inc. to nominate a foreign worker for Permanent Residence.  The documents are completed and sent into Edmonton where a decision is made by the AINP.  If a positive decision is reached, documents are sent to a consulate abroad and permanent residency is eventually achieved.  Please note that from the time of nomination to becoming an actual Permanent Resident is currently 14-20 months.  Also be aware that there are fees associated with becoming a Permanent Resident and that not all foreign workers are nominated.  Our company aims to retain our workers and we are not just a stepping stone to becoming a Permanent Resident. For more information on the AINP, please visit

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